Workflow List Select Component – Image Links

I posted on Symantec Connect a while back about how to render List Select links as images instead of text:

Workflow List Select with Image Links
Using images in the place of the standard text links in a List Select component.

And I figure I’ll post it again here.

To make this quick and simple, we’ll just cover the high points.  First off, the “Text” field for each path that is added to the List Select component is simply merged into the HTML as the link text value.  Because of the HTML structure of this string, we can instead type an image string into the “Text” field, and it will be merged at runtime as a properly structured link image.

For example:

Workflow List Select Paths and Image Source Example
The default text for Outcomes is copied from the Path Name. In this case, we replaced the “Remove” value in the “Text” field with our <img> tag string.

Read more about it at Symantec Connect.

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