Workflow Short – Adjust Default Debugger Browser

I haven’t personally been a fan of Internet Explorer for a long, long time.  Because of this, when the Workflow debugger insisted on opening forms in IE, I had to insist in return that it do otherwise.

These instructions will help you swap out IE for Chrome, but you can tailor these instructions to use whatever supported browser you’d like.

Open the Tool Preferences Editor, which can be found in any of these places:


or from the Task Tray Tool here:


or from the Start Menu (Windows 8.1 shown)


Then, scroll down to find “Debugging -> Debugging Browser” in the left panel.


Note that just to ensure IE doesn’t take over again, I checked “Use Default Browser” (Chrome, in my case) and also set a non-default browser exe of “chrome.exe”.  After a Workflow service restart, the debugger now uses Chrome instead of IE.


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