Workflow Short – Personalizing Workflow Component Defaults

I use the Embedded Rule Model a lot.  Excessively so.  Although configuring it takes only a few actions, after personalizing the component, all I need to do is drag and drop and it’s ready to use.

In my environment, I’ve done the same for the Hanging Path Trigger component, among others.

Click to enlarge. Before: Hanging Path Trigger. After: Catch All.

It’s very simple to do; drag a component out to the canvas, configure it the way you want, then right-click the component and “Save as Default Configuration”.


You can configure the internal model of some components as well.  I’ve pre-configured my Embedded Rule Model component with the usual paths I need for my projects.

Click to enlarge.

Hopefully this helps speed and ease development for you, if only a bit.

To reset the component back to the defaults, just delete the personalization like so:


Featured Components

Embedded Rule Model

Hanging Path Trigger

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