Workflow Short – Form Animation Samples

As an illustrated response to jdeleon7010’s post on the Connect forums here, this post will demonstrate some of the animations I’ve put together for various projects.

The original post:

Has anyone been able to create animated elements within workflow?  I am not looking for anything in particular, just trying to get more creative in our form designs.

So, here are some examples of how we can begin to improve the user experience a bit.  Some are “animations” in a true sense, while others are transition events.

Flashing icon to indicate functionality to a user.

Fade In/Out Toolbar Actions, Spinning Icon

Fade In/Out Toolbar Actions, Spinning and Leaning Icons

Rotating Validation Icons

Flyout Menu, Flashing Icon, Fade In/Out Panel, Moving Buttons

Expanding/Collapsing Menus

Simple Button Grow In/Out

Simple Flyout Menu

Simple Dropdown Buttons

Loading Spinner 1

Loading Spinner 2

Again, these are just a handful of examples of how we can cosmetically improve the user’s experience with Workflow forms.

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