Concepts Primer – Using Javascript in Workflow Forms

The first exposure I had to implementing javascript actions in Workflow processes was when claus66 posted a solution in this post on Symantec Connect.  The question that was posed was, how is the “Enter” keystroke captured and used to automatically click a specific button?  The answer in that post:

if (event.keyCode == 13){
event.cancel = true;;

At the time, I had no idea how it worked, just that it did.  Afterwards, I looked for opportunities to test other ways I could use javascript to enhance the user experience for my forms.

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Concepts Primer – Integrating SQL Data with Symantec Workflow

SQL integration of some sort has been involved in almost every project I’ve done.  Saving and fetching data is just part of it; the SQL engine can be used to quickly do calculations and filtering for your data with the right scripting.  If I’m able to fetch and filter the appropriate data from SQL to begin with, I don’t have to then run through a Configurable Collection Filter to get the results I want.

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Concepts Primer – Applying Custom CSS to Workflow Forms

By request — This should amount to a good starting point for using custom CSS code to style your Workflow forms.

Symantec Workflow ServiceDesk Login Form
An example of a standard ServiceDesk login form.
Symantec Workflow CSS Integration
Using CSS, we’re able to style the form elements to our heart’s content.

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