Integrating Google’s Visualization API with Symantec Workflow – Part 2, Interaction

I posted an article back in October 2014 about integrating Google’s Visualization API with Symantec Workflow, but the pie chart wasn’t very interactive.  In this article, I’ll be going over how to code the chart so that we can talk to the chart and act on the represented data.


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Write Data to an Excel File

I had the opportunity today to respond to a post on the Symantec Workflow forums, here, regarding writing data to an Excel file.  Here’s a quick go-to on how to do it.

Let’s have a look at two different scenarios.  The first being that there’s a file that’s being output to a specific location (like a log file), and the second, that a user is downloading report data to an excel file that will be saved to their default download directory.

Both scenarios are illustrated in the demo project for this post, and require the import of the LogicBase.Components.Office.dll library (Microsoft Office).

*Note that this method can also be applied to a number of other scenarios, but an important third scenario would be sending an Excel file via the Send Email component as the file attachment.

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Integrating Google’s Visualization API with Symantec Workflow

I’m not terribly fond of 2 things – crawling around in the report builder in ProcessManager, and the graphical components provided as Workflow components in the designer.  I found a Google API solution which I figured I could integrate into some of my dashboards for customers.

Workflow and Google Visualization API Integration
An example of the Pie Chart theme from Google’s Visualization API. The data is from a ServiceDesk Incident Management Ticket Status report.

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